John Salter & Associates provides boutique consulting services in risk management.

We use ‘Double-Diamond’ methodologies to enhance client engagement and ensure the right questions are addressed.

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Specializing in Customized, Organization Level Applications

Customized apps (for decision-making, risk assessment, and business continuity) are tailored to align with your needs and the context of your organization. We deliver these services globally through the Fiverr platform.

These customized, organization-level apps are tailored developments of (a) our free OughtWe decision maker app (where you are looking to strengthen your decision-making processes); and (b) our free Agile Business Continuity app (where you are looking to strengthen your business continuity capabilities).

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It might be a quip about a current topic – it might be something I have pondered over – or, it might just be something that crossed my mind in the shower this morning.