John Salter & Associates provides boutique consulting services specializing in disaster risk management.

We use ‘Double-Diamond’ methodologies to enhance client engagement and ensure the right questions are addressed.

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Software as a Service

Strengthen your planning and plans. Use our AgileBCP (Software as a Service) to review and refresh your capabilities and arrangements. See for subscription options.

Stand-alone Applications

Our stand-alone apps are available for individuals, and as customisable solutions for organisations wanting to develop and deploy software that builds strong and consistent approaches for their people to use.

Guide to our suite of applications

Risk Assessment

It is useful to view Risk as “a measure of the probability and severity of adverse effects that result from exposure to a hazard”.

(Reference: The internationally respected Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management NFPA 1600)

Business Continuity

  • Flyingfish Business Continuity is a fully functioning app
  • Agile Business Continuity introduces the approach with some limitations to app capability – free

Reference – the methodology in the Business Continuity Apps is outlined in the pdf download below.

Decision Making

  • OughtWe introduces the approach to decision making with some limitations to app capability – free
  • Decision Making App is a fully functioning app

Customized, Organisation Level Applications

Supporting consistency and quality across your organisation
YourFlyingFish – our logo choice – reflects nimble adaption to threatening circumstances.

Customized apps (for decision making, risk assessment, and business continuity) are tailored to align with your needs and the context of your organization. We deliver these services globally through the Fiverr platform.

These customised, organisation level apps are tailored developments of (a) our free OughtWe decision maker app (where you are looking to strengthen your decision making processes); and (b) our free Agile Business Continuity app (where you are looking to strengthen your business continuity capabilities).

Reflections and Ruminations

Blogs from John Salter

It might be a quip about a current topic – it might be something I have pondered over – or, it might just be something that crossed my mind in the shower this morning.