It’s not rocket science

How often have you heard someone say that in a conversation?

It may not be “rocket science” (that is to say “requiring the application of expertise”) to them, but it is just rude to be dismissive. It alienates and it isolates. It erodes respect.

Things which are “not rocket science” are often just not very interesting – or they just don’t add enough immediate business value. Risk and the management of risk is one such a thing … and in some specialist applications such as business continuity, can be outright dry.

Therefore it is not uncommon for risk practitioners to peddle their message by “scaring your pants off”. This is done by the use of metaphor and imagery – especially worst case scenarios (horror stories). My own example is shown in the 58 second video above (Twitter and Instagram set limits of under a minute – and we are urged to respect the new concentration span of thirty seconds).

My elevator pitch is more likely to be a quiet chat about how vulnerability to extreme events – and their impacts – can be best managed by good decision making. Urge people to consider building a sound plan – not to just rely on what is in your head.

Considering developing an information based decision making approach?
Click here.

As a footnote on business continuity planning not adding enough immediate business value it is worth thinking about how a business continuity planning review could (albeit ruthlessly) support making sure the allocation of resources across the organisation is fit for purpose.

Author: John Salter Consulting Services

John Salter - owner of John Salter Consulting Services - specialising in the facilitation of risk-based capability reviews; needs-based training; business continuity planning; crisis management exercises; and organisational debriefing. Recognised for “preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm” Ref: Barrister H Selby, Inquest Handbook, 1998. Distracted by golf, camping, fishing, reading, red wine, movies and theatre.

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