Software as a Service Startup – naming competition

Coming out of a board meeting yesterday afternoon I’m excited to share news of a new joint venture startup and invite you to enter our “naming competition” for a case of wine delivered to your door.

To help fire up your synapses, some key aspects of the Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Innovative Improvement context:

• Consulting framework – partnering with respected facilitators

• Software as a Service – a securely hosted and straightforward to use platform

• Intellectual property based on decades of best practice experience – dare we say wisdom

• Focused on managing your corporate vulnerabilities – before and after impact

Please add your suggested name in the comments below before we launch on April 16.

Author: John Salter Consulting Services

John Salter - owner of John Salter Consulting Services - specialising in the facilitation of risk-based capability reviews; needs-based training; business continuity planning; crisis management exercises; and organisational debriefing. Recognised for “preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm” Ref: Barrister H Selby, Inquest Handbook, 1998. Distracted by golf, camping, fishing, reading, red wine, movies and theatre.

2 thoughts on “Software as a Service Startup – naming competition

  1. Good afternoon 🙂
    I feel a little confused. Is the overall joint venture – including the software and the services together – what is needing the name?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards.


    1. HI and thank you for your interest Jessica – the name will apply to both (the Software as a Service and the consulting which it enables)


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