… so I get another safety guy.

This story – from Matt Damon – about Tom Cruise is bemusing because it is about “your risk” – risk you control. However socially imposed risk – especially risk imposed by those with wealth, power, and status, is more problematic. Regardless, both cases call for good decision making. #risky #decisions #decisionmakingprocess https://apps.apple.com/au/app/decision-making-app/id1626271695

Lessons from cleaning up …

Some things change … some things don’t. Cleaning out old stuff – in this case, some plastic overhead transparency slides (remember them) associated with some planning consultancies and teaching at the Australian Counter Disaster College (yes, AC/DC) – 1987 to 1998. The “Risk as a function of the interface between hazards and vulnerability” lives on… Read More

Vulnerability is at the heart of good risk assessment

How do you recognise and address your vulnerabilities to disasters? We are all exposed to different hazards. To different disasters. We are all differently vulnerable. The internationally respected Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management (NFPA 1600) defines risk as a measure of the probability and severity of adverse effects that result from exposure to… Read More