Improving governance – an opportunity

Introducing an aide-memoire – “YourOughtWe decision-making app” I think it is a useful tool to support better decisions. It addresses several of the key needs being voiced across our community. If you want your “governance people” to look at my offer please share this note and direct them to YourOghtWe description and YourOughtWe example

OughtWe decision app – illustrated with a pinch of fun, and a small example

Introducing the OughtWe decision app
To illustrate the key processes, this blog uses only three criteria (head, heart, gut). OughtWe – as an Expert System – uses a set of default criteria developed across the disaster management sector over decades.
Establishing context – naming and describing the decision to be made, identifying options and their rationales, generating decision criteria and attributing weightings to them, applying the decision criteria to evaluate each option, and taking the preferred option into a plan.
Tweak for Context
Attributing weightings to Head, Heart, and Gut decision criteria
Evaluating – recording the associated rationales
Display the evaluation to stimulate conversations
Structure your plan to be as simple as possible
Planning is about monitoring and refinement
Communicate throughout by screen shares and tailored reports

Ought we use “lite (tongue-in-cheek) ads”?

Is it a bit of fun? Or is it just a trite distraction? Does it stimulate interest and thinking? Does it enhance accessibliity? Or is it a demeaning? Establishing Context Never underestimate the importance of establishing context. Of agreed objectives, potential options, and weighting agreed assessment criteria. In short, of having your ladder against the… Read More

Sure you could – but why would you want to?

“Sure you could – but why would you want to?” is a simple way of challenging the rationale of a decision. I was quite young when I saw the famous film “Lawrence of Arabia” and I vividly recall the above conversation about why someone ought to do a particular thing. In this case, the someone… Read More

What is the value of thinking about the second question?

In an old fave TV Series of mine, Rumpole of the Bailey used to advise “never ask a question unless you know the answer”. Alright – indeed important – in some contexts, but not realistic when dealing with matters of high uncertainty. Uncertainty is like the proverbial onion. Layered with complexities which can be best… Read More

Just saying …

So, given this context, my two bits worth about what looks to be another “Emergency Risk Management 101” failure. Specifically in the current debacle surrounding Australian citizens and their movement from India. There seems to have been a failure to have adequately applied the risk assessment criteria which has been “around the traps” for over… Read More

Reflecting on readings and distractions

Like many, I have taken some time out over the last few weeks to relax and reflect on the last year. I enjoyed relaxing by immersing myself in the distraction of cricket. Especially in going to the Test Cricket. Providing positive feedback and encouragement 😂🤣😂 to nearby fielders. Reflective reading has also been fun as… Read More