Free Disaster Risk Assessor App

Use our free app to map and explore how you are at risk. We also use it as a “pre-read” lead into our business continuity workshops. Hazards are not equally significant. Google Store Apple Store

Shut happens

The hospitality industry invests heavily on having bumper weekends. They’re the days everyone is “out and about”. Except … when you can’t be “up and at em”. And today was like that for many popular venues in our area. There might be lessons for the day – there might be lessons from the day. Especially… Read More

We assess risk to manage it better

Good apps help people find the best answers by asking the right questions. Hopefully our two recent releases do precisely that! Disaster Risk Assessor Apple Google We assess #risk so we can #manage it better. #Disaster #Management is about #decisions in #uncertainty. Our recently released free apps support you do this by leveraging… Read More