Business Continuity Planning

Where do you sit in these graphs?
How well does your business continuity planning ask the right questions?
How might we help you to ask the right questions?

How the plan and app works – in three steps

1. Map your context

Identify products / services relevant to your context.

Score their significance.

Examples used below – and provided in the app – are from the internationally respected “Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management”, NFPA 1600 (2019).

Identify, and describe, the things you rely on in your context

Resources – as listed in NFPA 1600 (essentially, the things you must have / rely on)

For each of the identified processes or prioritized activities required for you to achieve your objectives, identify the things you “care about” that support the processes or critical activities by focusing on the following:

(1) Personnel

(2) Equipment

(3) Infrastructure (including premises)

(4) Technology (including plant and equipment)

(5) Information (digital and analog)

(6) Supply chain (supplies and suppliers)

2. Assess your risks

How vulnerable is this resource in the current circumstances?

Describe the things you care about – things you “must have”, and score their vulnerability before a disaster.

How impacted is this resource

in extreme events/circumstances?

(The impact slider is used in the event of a disaster)

3. Implement your plans.

Communication and collaboration are fundamental to successful management. Especially the management of risk. Reports are generated based on being able to select from combinations of any – or all – of the data fields as outlined in the Menu below. These can be generated as PDF documents – to be shared and communicated as required. It is interesting to note that during the planning process – both before and during a disaster – users will frequently send screenshots to others using to arrow icon displayed at the bottom right of many screens.

“Your Flying Fish”

With key information about your context we can tailor an Agile Business Continuity App for your whole organization or business.