E Scooter Risk Management Plan – illustrative

This page is in response to questions about what a Damocles Risk Assessment might look like for the eScooter issues raised in https://disasterresilienceconsulting.wordpress.com/2022/07/12/add-silent-scooters-and-silent-policy-as-one-of-your-hazards/

It is possible to add a hazard to an existing category. Or create a new category.
For demonstration purposes I created a new category – named “personal”.
A new hazard is then created within the selected or created category.
Reflect on these considerations.
Attribute significance
The default calibration is used
Reflect on vulnerability in your context.
Use the vulnerability considerations.
Attribute vulnerability on the slider.
High risk attribution triggers a plan
Tailor report
Scroll to select hazard

Selected Risk Level Example
Selected plan
Distribute the report as required
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