Start by asking the right questions.

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The Double Diamond Design approach – (Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver) – supports asking the right questions and selecting the best solutions.
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Step 1 – Clarify how you are at risk
Step 2 – Select your preferred solution

How are you at risk?

Step 1 You might have experienced Disaster Impact. You know you are hit – or might be hit – and you have yet to make sense of how and why you were hit.
Make sense of disaster – what does it mean to you?

How might you decide on the best “solution”?

Step 2 – Select your preferred solution.

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Make a difference – before, during, and after impact

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Reflections and Ruminations

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It might just be a quip about a current topic – it might be something I have pondered long and hard over – or, it might just be something that crossed my mind in the shower this morning.

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