Vulnerability is at the very heart of risk.

Addressing the “onion layers” – the underlying “why” – is an effective way of managing risk.

It is YOUR VULNERABILITY. There is limited value in “leading the witness”.

Far better to stimulate your reflection and consideration – of your context.

It is in that spirit the whimsical images, prompts, and references below are provided.

from De Bono …
… to Kipling

Concept: Risk as a function of hazard and vulnerability

We are all vulnerable. Sometimes through exposure to the same thing. Sometimes to things to which we alone are exposed. Sometimes because of things that are about us – our characteristics or nature. Sometimes because of things that are imposed upon us by others.


Unknown Unknowns

Decision making

Decision Making
Irresponsible Mountain Goats
Uncertainty calls for good decision making
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A single metaphor can trigger many reflections

… for how long can we continue to live in (blissful / delusional) ignorance?
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