YourOughtWe decision maker app – Customized

Get all of your people on the same page

‘YourOughtWe’ is a service, offered by John Salter, to host your two customized ‘OughtWe’ apps on John Salter’s Apple AND Google Stores. These will be tailored apps that support your decision criteria, and align with the values of your organization – as specified by you in the Service Features listed below.

Service Features

1. <Your> Name (Text) in OughtWe Logo – Client name (or acronym) nested in the OughtWe app Logo.

2. Reference (Text) – a description of your context – to be inserted under the edited “Reference” Header of the Criteria & Weight Screen.

3. Your Criteria

You can populate YourOughtWe with up to nine of your specified criteria.

Specifics of each criterion.

For each of the (up to nine) specified criteria, please provide:

(i) Criteria Name (Text) – example “Alignment with Values”.

(ii) Criteria Description (Text) – example “To what extent is this option aligned with our supported values?”.

(iii) Rationale for Weighting (Text) – example “Reference: Corporate Ethics Policy (2021)”.

(iv) Criteria Weightings – your agreed default settings (positive or negative – from minus nine to plus nine).

Note: Individual users will still be able to add criteria to reflect and support the context of any specific decision being addressed by them.

NB Development of the above specifications is best done with others. Especially those who need to develop and sign off on agreement about “what they care about – and how much they care about those things they care about”.

4. Your Guide

We will upload a PDF guide you provide, which can then be accessed from the app by users (from the small blue “i” symbol at the bottom right of screens).

A validation check

Before final payment for establishing your tailored tool, checking the build can also validate whether you need to refine any of your configurations. Again, this is often best done collaboratively, with people who have an interest in using the tool to support making decisions, drafting reports, and communicating issues.

When checking the build, remember to “benchpress” your criteria. They may need to be refined


Please note all prices in US$

(a) Establishment of YourOughtWe hosted by me on the Apple and Google store. US$300

(b) Updates to (any or all of) the Service Features (listed above) is by request – example (revised guide, refreshed criteria, renamed organization). This will be done for both Apple and Google Store apps. US$80

(c) Downloads from John Salter’s Apple Store or Google Play Store are one-off costs per user. US$0.99

Delivery time – 14 days

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