Shut happens

The hospitality industry invests heavily on having bumper weekends. They’re the days everyone is “out and about”.

Except … when you can’t be “up and at em”.

And recently it was like that for many popular venues in our area.

There might be lessons for the day – there might be lessons from the day. Especially if there is an opportunity to reflect on your approach to business continuity and disruption more broadly! Consider the approach outlined below:

Consider leveraging a highly reputed international reference – a “gold standard”!
Recently, it was hazard number 46. Next week … it might be …
Consider how agile your business is.

Use a simple, useful “heuristic”. The 4Ps.

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Author: John Salter Consulting Services

John Salter - owner of John Salter Consulting Services - specialising in the facilitation of risk-based capability reviews; needs-based training; business continuity planning; crisis management exercises; and organisational debriefing. Recognised for “preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm” Ref: Barrister H Selby, Inquest Handbook, 1998. Distracted by golf, camping, fishing, reading, red wine, movies and theatre.

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